I actually think they sell just the front or they did for jk’s . Rock Rails, Gobi Stealth Rack, HELLA FF75 lights, 16x8 ION ALLOY 174 wheels, 315/75/16 Maxxis Bighorn MT's, Smitty XRC front bumper, Smitty XRC8 winch and cover, Smitty roller fairlead license plate holder, Alpine Sound System with JL Audio Sub, 2.5" Rock Krawler Stock Mod lift, Bilstein 5100 shocks, Bedlined front Grille The difference between the JK Ranger and Stealth Racks comes down to the choice of GOBI … The rack cargo holding area is made for a 2-door or 4-door JK, other than the length this part is the same for all JK racks. static load capacity for roof top tents and their occupants and 300 lbs. The Gobi Jeep Wrangler JK Ranger Recon roof rack adds 9" of height to vehicle. I've got a Gobi Stealth rack and ladder, plus RTT and don't think it's too tall, at all. The all new Gobi Jeep JK roof rack throws tradition to the wind and has reshaped the idea of roof rack design and construction. Does the Gobi Stealth roof rack come with the light ... Come join the discussion about reviews, performance, trail riding, gear, suspension, tires, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, for all JL, JT, JK, TJ, YJ, and CJ models! It’s engineered better and doesnt rely on rain gutters. EAD had gobi deliver a first the other day to a guy with a 2" body lift on a JK and Paul custom fabricated the rear mounts for us. Jondrew Well-Known Member. This is the standard wait from Gobi no matter if ordered from us or them. Gobi stealth rack arrived and installed (pics) 2018 jeep wrangler forums (jl / jlu) rubicon sahara sport unlimited jlwranglerforums com jku dv8 4door multi light 50 led setup today got the lightly used a rigid bar two dually d2s for $1 200 (locally) that included install of too happy crazy The Gobi JK High Lift Jack "lockable" attachment is designed to fit snug against the side of the Gobi Ranger roof rack placing the Jack below the level of the upper sides of the rack. GOBI JEEP .JK RECON ROOF RACK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Clean vehicle body below rubber bumpeï (E2) with denatured alcohol for attachment of adhesive backed wear padÿ Insta3]ation Instructions for Use Original Tot-x buttom head screws to attach Gobi light bar in Fig. This complete multi-purpose base roof rack is for the 2007 - 2016* Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door. The Gobi JK rack flows true to the lines of the vehicle the automaker intended. The tough appearance goes hand in hand with its ability to stand strong with an 800 lbs. I mean, it doesn't fit in my garage wearing the tent, but my truck can still rock crawl and not feel worryingly top-heavy. The mopar lid to the gas cap is a little close to the rack, but not to much of a problem to open. First Name Bob Joined Dec ... Jan 9, 2019 #29 OpsWest said: Thanks for sharing, also looking to get a gobi rack. Email Address * Phone No. The Gobi JK Rack flows true to the lines of the vehicle the automaker intended. The tough appearance goes hand in hand with its ability to stand strong with 800 lbs. The Gobi JK rack flows true to the lines of the vehicle the automaker intended. Accessories JEEP WRANGLER ALU-CAB AWNING BRACKETS STEALTH $ 200.00 These racks require AT LEAST 16 weeks to ship and could be longer. ... GOBI Jeep JK Roof Rack "Quick Release Kit" $244.00 GOBI Jeep JK Hi-Lift Attachment . The all new Gobi Jeep JK Roof Rack throws tradition to the wind and has designed a roof rack literally out of the box. If you are looking at this, you ALREADY know all about these beasts, and you also know GOBI RACKS in Utah is on a 14-17 week delay lead time. It's stout and arguably the best after market rack available for the Jeep JK. that is why they were so excited about a WMW rack. I'd love to see pics of both the 2 and 4 door JK's with Gobi racks installed, especially pics with the installed (open and closed) roof top tent! Am looking at everything, from the Rhino-Rack Vortex RLT600 2-Bar Backbone, to exoskeleton racks, like Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack. 2010 JK Sport: 4.88:1 Yukon Gears, Spartan Lockers, A.C.E. I have PIAA 550s on the grill, and I plan on placing PIAA 520s on the windshield. - I'm thinking about the purchase of a Gobi roof rack for my 2 door, but almost all the pics I find show the 4 door. GOBI Jeep JK Wrangler 4 Door Stealth Roof Rack You Ûªll be able to carry everything you need for your next adventure with the Gobi Stealth roof rack available at Alpha Expedition. The tough appearance goes hand in hand with its ability to stand strong with 800 lbs. First Name * Last Name. There is nothing we can do when it comes to pr Rack Style Ranger or Stealth: All GOBI JK racks are comprised of two main parts. GOBI Jeep JK 4dr Stealth Roof Rack. Gobi Roof Racks - Made In USA Made in the USA, GOBI was born to build durable, eye-catching utility roof racks using state-of-the-art materials with modern design concepts. But the rack … On the newer design, the rack includes A-pillar brackets, and they seem to flex over time causing the loud squeak (super annoying). That's one good thing about Gobi, they are made to order and welded right here in Colorado. I really like the rack and have used it a lot, but I have been fighting squeaks and am not sure if it is just me. The Rhino-rack Pioneer appears to be too big for my 2-dr JK. Per Gobi specs, The Gobi Jeep Wrangler JK Stealth Recon roof rack adds 7.1" of height to vehicle. Engineered to the maximum capacity that your vehicle can handle, this classy and bold-looking roof rack will easily carry your most demanding cargo for the life of your vehicle. The Gobi JK Rack flows true to the lines of the vehicle the automaker intended. Get in Touch. Like any good product, theirs aren't low cost "You get what you pay for" or "buy once cry once" ("buy quality and cry once; buy cheap and cry forever") Gobi Stealth and Ranger Roof Rack Jeep Wrangler JL & JLU ATTENTION! but not like the WMW rack, that thing was a near copy. Thinking about buying GOBI Jeep JK Wrangler 4 Door Stealth Roof Rack? So what are you guys/gals with stealth GOBI racks doing for lighting? I have a near new (installed May, 2009) Gobi Stealth Rack for a Jeep JK Unlimited (4-Door). Pics for your enjoyment! of static load capacity for roof top tents and their occupants, and 300 lbs. I was missing 4 bolts/washers/nuts which I will be reporting back to GOBI, other than that the install was very smooth and I am really happy with the fitment and quality of the rack! Order your gear today! $244.00 GOBI Jeep JK Axle/Shovel Attachment. static load capacity. Feb 3, 2016 - A review of my Gobi roof rack on my 2012 Jeep Wrangler with some tips on a special deal that I got at trailduty.com same with that other link you posted. of static load capacity Rhino Rack Aero Bar 4WD SUV Roof Racks | Gutter Mount Base Rack for Jeep Wrangler JK/JL, JT Gladiator; 4 Door Hard Top 2011 - 2020 (2 Set) in Black; Easy Use & … In fact Gobi, Maximus, and other backbone type systems match this rating or come very close. sta This rack was purchased for it's top of the line design, manufacturing and quality. Hello Everyone, After 18 Weeks of waiting the GOBI Stealth rack finally arrived. Let us know what you're looking for and we will see what we can do for you. I do want avoid drilling into the hard top, which the Garvin Sport Series Track Rack 44012 seems to require, even though I like how it looks. So I have had a Gobi Stealth roof rack on my JKU for about 6 months now. JK Show & Tell - Gobi Rack- let's see em! May 15, 2018 - The all new Gobi Jeep JK Roof Rack throws tradition to the wind. But all in all, to drop inflammatory statements against Gobi for legally defending their product design, is just childish. I got the backbone system I have for $450, so why not just get the 300/900 rating rack. I purchased the stealth rack for my JK, mainly because it's made in the USA, I read a lot of good reviews, and it looked great. The all new Gobi Jeep JK Roof Rack throws tradition to the wind. That means very low dynamic weight. Initially the only problem I had with the Gobi rack is that I've never seen a Jeep with one? 11 GOBI JEEP JK RECON ROCF RACK Note: Inst811 Passenger side first finger Full Forum Listing. Read our latest review of the product by Tom K. Nice looking rack, because it looks like a Gobi. GOBI STEALTH (Low Profile) ROOF RACK for a Jeep Wrangler JK 4-door 2007-2018. For the most part if I can explain it … I would like to go with LEDs on the rack, but I am not sure what type in regard to brand or throw (European, flood or spots). Well Myself and my neighbor put the rack on...it was easy. The Gobi JK rack flows to the lines of the vehicle the automaker intended. I can feel it lean a bit on road when I corner, but it's nothing I can't overcome. it was a Gobi on the cheap. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/gobi-stealth-rack.9167 4RUNNER 3rd Generation (1995-2002) TOOL BOX (Large) 170.00. driving load capacity for safe off and on road handling. Gobi Stealth Rack - Dachträger für Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK . Gobi Roof Rack For 07 18 Jeep Wrangler Jk Jk Unlimited Jeep Jku 4door Stealth Rack Multi Light 50 Led Setup Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 Door Jk Gobi Stealth Roof Rack 07 16 These new sell for $1,600, … The tough appearance goes hand in hand with its ability to stand strong with 800 lbs. Explore Our Forums. The tough appearance goes hand in hand with its ability to stand strong with 800 lbs. Not like I'm autocrossing my truck or anything! So, if doing gutter mount - I think tour looking at 160lbs max static. Gobi Racks makes some of the best racks available - very good quality and lots of features based on their years of experience. Notes: The following rear bumper manufacturers (with and without tire carriers) are compatible with the Gobi Jeep JK roof rack 2 and 4 door models. Das brandneue, schlanke Design des Gobi Stealth Rack Dachträgersystems vereint klassische, dem Fahrzeugdesign angepasste Formen und eine herausragende Belastbarkeit.