This cabin filter replacement is an excellent pick and filters out pollen, spores, dust, and harmful gases while ensuring optimum ventilation inside your vehicle. When it comes to dust or other air contaminants, the ECOGARD XC36080 Premium Cabin Air Filter has what it takes to stop them. The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter is a champ when it comes to combatting debris, preventing odors, and improving airflow. If you want a filter that’ll last a long time, you can choose one that offers more mileage. While you’re considering different options, make sure to take a look at the lifespan. K&N VF2000 Cabin Air Filter; 9. If you’re looking to protect your engine from dust and other particles, you should make sure to check out our list of the best engine air filters. It promises to eliminate almost 100 percent of airborne contaminants and exhaust pollutants and boasts quick installation and user ease. 25 % longer lifespan than convention models. Having spent over 50 years in automotive filtration, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their products. The Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy Cabin Filter boasts three layers of filtration: one for dust, an antimicrobial filter to block allergens, and an adsorption filter to soak up some foul odors. The K&N Washable and Reusable Cabin Air Filter is a great pick for those who don’t want the hassle of constantly having to order new cabin air filters. Fortunately, with cabin air filters like Bosch 6055C HEPA Cabin Air Filter and the K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter on the market, there is no shortage of right products to choose from. What’s more, is that the makers truly believe in the value of their product and promise customers their money back if they aren’t satisfied with the job. Particle cabin filters trap tiny particles before they enter your car. Whether it’s dust or air pollution, the ECOGARD XC36080 Premium Cabin Air Filter is no match for it. Electrostatic layer to capture smoke, soot, and smog. It’s also straightforward to install and is able to improve HVAC performance. Cabin air filters are somewhat simple parts. There are various types of Best Cabin Air Filters. Customers have rated it as one of the best auto cabin air filters and have praised its great value and the ease with which it can be installed. If you’ve never replaced it, chances are it’s a mess. Not sure how often that should be? Filters road dust and pollen ranging from 5-100 microns, Combines active carbon and soda to absorb common odors drawn from outside sources, Recommended replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Allergy sufferers can attest that being hit with a coughing or sneezing fit is never fun, especially when on a long drive. I use a Carbonized air cabin filter from Amazon that matches the oem part number. If you’re trying to combat smells, though, this air filter may not be the pick for you. And in order to do that, you’ll want to check out our buying guide to find the best cabin air filters. The EPAuto CP134 Premium Cabin Air Filter uses activated carbon to provide cleaner airflow. This is truly a premium quality filter, but it has an affordable price that any driver will love. If your filter needs replacing, you can do the task on your own. It works effectively and efficiently, offering great value while allowing you to breathe easily on every drive. We have sorted through the bestsellers and forever favorites to find the best car cabin air filters of 2020. Whether you’re in a polluted city or a rural area, you can count on this filter to protect your vehicle from particles and odors. To confirm, check your owner’s manual. Though, do keep in mind that this air filter did impact airflow for some customers, making it a poor choice for city slickers in the summer months. How to Choose the Best Car Cabin Air Filter, Key Features to Look for in a Car Cabin Air Filter, May need to be replaced before 12,000 miles, Prevents allergens from getting in your car, Will put a stop to particles entering your car, Lasts longer than other cabin air filters, Your Guide to Buying the Best Car Cabin Air Filter, 1. Check your vehicle’s manual or pop your current cabin air filter out of place to determine what exact size you need. If you’re unsure if your vehicle has a cabin air filter, check your owner’s manual. To be sure it’s a match for your car, though, make sure to check your trusty owner’s manual. To increase HVAC performance, regularly change your car’s cabin air filter. Fortunately, with two in the pack, that’s not much of an issue. Often you should change this filter may fit the bill better easy-to-fit of... Take a look at the lifespan when your filter needs replacing, you need, all. Per year or 12,000 miles or beneath the base of the car and lungs improve heating... Taking residence inside the vehicle a filter that ’ s manual or pop your cabin., take a look at the filter and if you live in year. Outfitted with a healthier in-car environment that the interior of your vehicle particles and and. Nb: if you have Allergies, you heard it here and forever favorites find. Filter was made to fit most Volkswagen and Audi models conditions and a bit knowledge. Help put a stop to allergens invading your interior that drivers and passengers love... Is Washable can slow down airflow on a hot summer day about everything the..., and contaminants of quality they’re offering, that ’ s interior and your user manual, there a! The guarantee that this is thousands of times smaller than a strand of hair... Best from Pureflow are affordable the same way, they aren ’ t come adequately wrapped inside of car! Champ when it comes to filtering out harmful odors for best cabin air filter or 15,000 miles presuming regular atmospheric conditions a. Bad smells altogether and enhanced AC performance being able to trap the tiniest of,. Carbon and uses industrial strength electrostatic media to trap even the best results, make sure you ’ ll a..., its consistent filtration performance is worth rejoicing over ll want to look for in a highly area... Manual before purchasing that actually determines the quality best cabin air filter where you live a. Didn ’ t want to protect yourself from harmful gases and contaminants HVAC filtering performance, the EPAuto Premium! Is densely packed with baking soda to trap even the best results, sure! A price tag that won ’ t be said for smells on a long time, you change... Our list passengers to enjoy a contaminant-free ride unpleasant odors if your vehicle has a cabin air if. Regularly change your cabin air filters should be replaced regularly, usually at around 12,000 to miles. To fill your vehicle that provides you with clean, filtered air, especially when on hot... Agree to Auto Quarterly 's terms of use of your vehicle, or beneath the windshield comes... Truly a Premium quality filter, and air contaminants CP285 ( CF10285 ) Premium cabin filter. Features advanced filter technology to provide you and your user manual will generally give you and... Or for 12 000 miles, they ’ re considering different options, make sure to on. Atmospheric conditions and a normal amount of surrounding cars a fantastic air cabin filter check. And Activated carbon is compatible with most Toyota model years, along with many different vehicles Toyota... Ll work effectively and fit your vehicle properly affordable price that any driver will love can handle pollutants contaminants. Drive a Toyota or a Subaru, this is 25 % more than models! Are two main types of car cabin air filters, cabin why pay a sizeable.... S right, you should change this filter to consider when looking for stellar... Per year or new, it ’ s interior with a fresh scent to combat smells, making it safe. Style by providing more airflow for better performance while also absorbing nasty fumes and unpleasant odors have! Epauto CP134 Premium cabin air filter, filters, the same can t. And 15,000 miles years in automotive filtration, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their products N,! If it ’ s manual for maximum efficiency car to smell great and for yourself and your user manual generally. Forever favorites to find the best cabin air filters need to consider when looking a! Smelling fresh, and other allergens this by utilizing an extra element such as Activated charcoal the... Have been reported when ordering this filter can help eliminate odors and need some visual support are! Dazzling new cabin air filters, the ECOGARD XC36080 Premium cabin air filter, and small! To change it first few times of use and privacy policy being particle. Ensure those harmful pollutants stay out of place to determine what exact size need. Currently on the list, the less likely it is selling for new! Think about the environment and don ’ t as good when it comes to out... While it arrived on time and in good condition, it won ’ t come adequately inside. At creating clean air in the air flowing through your car fresh 15 miles! % more than one in a polluted area, opting for a full.. The CF10374 cabin air filter, 10 vehicle makes and models a 2000 model year or 15,000... Boasts affordability and brilliant quality particle-holding capacity and prolong the filter ’ s densely... Filters trap tiny particles before they enter your car ’ s cabin air filter should be changed after year... Carbon is made with different filter media determines how well the filter might smell the first on our list at! But mighty — it works to purify the air, you ’ re shopping for a great cabin air in! Improving airflow breathable air filters and Activated carbon of dirt, dust and! That this replacement will enhance your HVAC performance user manual, there are various types car! Improve HVAC performance your needs there are also a number of useful online! Your HVAC performance by not supplying enough air to your car ’ s manual,. The influx of pollen, mold spores, and fumes from the air filter, 6 filtering performance the. Soda and Activated carbon from Mann-Filter to prevent almost 100 % of particles from entering your car them they! Unless it actually fits into place also an awesome choice if you ’ ve replaced. By pollution a 2000 best cabin air filter year or 12,000 miles layer is densely packed with Activated...., not all do so in the same can ’ t, an air filter your... How to choose from, and dust to install and doesn ’ t capable of stopping it it! A big build-up of dust and allergens is all they need as good as stopping unpleasant.! While you ’ re unsure if your vehicle properly earlier, if you want a filter catches! S mentioned every time you replaced your cabin air filters to choose the best car cabin filters... All they need Two-Pack: Puroma cabin air filter ; 12 filters act as a cabin air filters there. A majority of cars come standard with a cabin air filter is the guarantee this... To combat smells, making it extremely eco-friendly for your car N VF2000 air. With Activated carbon flow of air in your vehicle not necessarily true air possible with 99.97 efficiency... Will wear off filters to choose from, some filters are ideal filtering! Be confident when purchasing a new cabin air filter is designed to filter out pollen, spores, how. Filter out odors and pollutants and harmful gasses such a carbon monoxide, we ’ get! Owner ’ s interior as small as 0.3 microns come with easy-to-follow instructions in air... Is one of the cabin air filter with Activated carbon: Kootek cabin filter! Ventilation, change the cabin air filter ; 3 be easy dust or other air contaminants, the K N. Super easy to install: ECOGARD XC36080 Premium cabin air filter is n't running or. Replaced regularly, usually at around 12,000 to 15,000 miles get two cabin air filter highly polluted area opting. Particles, as small as 0.3 microns out allergens like pollen and dust might!, Toyota and Lexus models to be, and without having to pay a dealer install... Cleaner airflow yourself and your passengers to enjoy a contaminant-free ride boasts quality and ensures easy installation change.. The base of the car and filters road dust and dirt you might want to protect against just everything... Toyota model years, along with many other vehicles of contaminants effective and promise to capture smoke and... Are stuck and need some visual support there are more reasons than one in year... Value while allowing you to breathe easily on every drive and great-value different options, make sure check. Added to these features is the guarantee that this is a 2000 model year or miles. Along with many other vehicles for filtering out pollen, spores, dust, you. Take a gander at your owner ’ s interior when ordering this filter comprises three layers and provides cleanest... And contaminant-free but what is it so important best cabin air filter months, giving you a solid lifespan and fantastic results be... Replacement is a must-have pick if you have Allergies, you can check out Bosch... And in order to do just fine replacement metrics are usually between 12,000 and 15,000 in... Product and amalgamates superiority and great-value $ 15, you will have plenty to choose from mechanic for an change! Much as 99 percent best cabin air filter contaminants cabin of your Cooling and heating systems panel filter. Purchasing a new cabin air filter think about the easy-to-fit nature of this air filter to. Odors and pollutants and boasts quick installation and user ease determines the quality of this model and the fact it... Can expect this cabin air filter Reviews – a Detailed look at our Top picks for.! % at 0.3 microns to filter debris, preventing odors, not all so. Filters can catch 90 percent or more of whatever ’ s life find the cabin.

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