LockerSource and Mossy Oak are proud to introduce a new locker line that features four different Mossy Oak patterns for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy. The head has to be still on the stock when you squeeze the trigger to aim properly. Beef broth is just as easy to use and makes a great foundation to add moisture to stew. . Exaggerate your lead: Overshoot like you’re going to miss. Someone says their gun shoots 7.5" high at 40 yards, is that an industry standard knowing full well that it really shoots about 3.5" high above POA if shot drop is taken into account. Table Of Contents … Additional Tips: Where You Place Your Feet and Using the Correct Ammo for Doves, After five years of intensive management and passing all young bucks, I had developed a history with a couple that sported some respectable “bone.” I’m sure fellow “gamekeepers” can understand the special place I’d developed in my heart over the years for these beautiful animals. Chances are it escaped some ones dove coop or was intentionally released as part of someones wedding which is common practice,( notice I didnt say a good one). Patterning is a simple process, but time consuming due to all the counting required. But, if you can narrow your focus to just the head of the dove, then, once you get your gun to your shoulder, start your swing with your bead on the head you’ll get a better lead. I once wrote an article titled “The Outdoor Social Crowd,” because dove hunting tends to be an outdoor social event as much as it is a hunting event. When the target (the dove) is presented to the hunter in a crossing fashion (flying from right to left or left to right), many hunters have heard that more lead is required to successfully down the bird and that the Butt, Belly, Beak System of Aiming to determine the lead on a dove is the best way to harvest those birds. #6 lead shot is pretty much dead center when it comes to weight, number of projectiles, and diameter of your bird shot. One of the biggest mistakes I see a dove hunter make is to bring his gun to his shoulder and move his head around like a bobble-head doll, while trying to find the place his cheek is supposed to be on his stock before he takes the shot. I've had people ask me 'how far do you lead them' and I truthfully can't say, just keep banging away, thats the fun part about good duck hunting, you get more opportunities. At this range, it's difficult to hold too much lead. So, when a hunter squeezes the trigger, he will have a good pattern into which the doves can fly. One important fact to remember is that deer are vocal 12 months out of the year. This recipe can be made with roasted or smoked pheasant. A proper gun mount is never a mount to the shoulder. If you don’t have an opportunity to go to a sporting-clay range, then at least practice mounting your gun a week or two before dove season. That’s simply too far! A correct gun mount brings the eye and the bead on the shotgun in line, just like the rear sight and the front sight on a rifle have to be lined-up correctly to make an accurate shot. When they miss, they shoot some more. The other day, for example, I was shooting at a battue clay (much thinner than the standard target) with a friend. #8 shot is also a decent size for varmint control, but you should stick within 30 yards to make sure you actually hit it. At 40 yards. Mounting the gun this way enables you to hold the shotgun more still as you make the swing. There are essentially three ranges at which birds are bagged, short (20 yards and under), medium (20 to 40 yards) and long range (40 yards and beyond). That being said, when selecting ammunition for your shotgun, you must first know how to pattern it. The "don't calculate lead" rule works better when ducks are close. I believe the most important factor in taking doves is properly determining lead. Beer and beef broth add great flavors to any stew. Work at over exaggerating your lead by 6 feet or more, which means your barrel needs to be 6 inches in front of the dove. With the price of shotshells what it is, I can't afford to miss that much. Here are 6 tips for the dove hunter to ensure a safe and successful hunt. One inch of barrel movement equals about 1 foot of distance when you’re shooting targets in the air. Either way, they’re hard to hit and, when the birds are really flying, you can burn through a box or three of shells with ease. Any bird upto the 35 yard range is hitable. If I use 50 yards, I can double my lead distance to get my 100 A true living legend, Tom has used Benelli shotguns and Federal Premium ammunition to achieve 3 world records for hand-thrown clay targets. When you begin with your bead on the bird’s head, you already have your gun moving at the same rate of speed as the dove. Then your cheek and the gun lock together as one and you can shoot more accurately. When the lead feels right, continue to move the gun forward past the bird’s head. Instead, when you prepare to shoot a dove, concentrate your attention and focus on the head of the bird. Many of these hunters often have very-little experience at actually shooting doves. Used in everything from casual shooting to Olympic-level shooting events, #8 shot is typically popular for trap, skeet and sporting clays – as it offers good range and a dense pattern, but still relies heavily on user skill to accurately break the targets. A 40 mph crossing pheasant at 50 yards away will move about 1.8 ft in the .o3 seconds that it takes the the 1250 fps lead #5 shot to travel the same distance as the 1500 fps lead #6 shot. You may have to adjust for the ducks shorter neck with a few inches more lead but AGAIN, make sure your leading its head and not its body. you will be able to tell the difference between a dove and a pigeon, the pigeon will be much larger than a dove. Shoot sporting-clay courses before opening day of dove season. This is where you maintain a good forward lean, keep your head down, maintain a … It may help to place a marker of some sort within your hunting area that will help you know the distance beyond which you should not shoot. I follow the duck migration. Most shotguns are finished by 40 yards, and if you are shooting fairly open chokes, you may only have 30 or 35 yards of reliable range on the tiny rockets. Most dove hunters don’t think about hunting or shooting doves until opening day. After a dove shoot, many dove hunters have black, blue and green shoulders, because they haven’t mounted their shotguns correctly. A correct gun mount brings the eye and the bead on the shotgun in line, just like the rear sight and the front sight on a rifle have to be lined up correctly to make an accurate shot. Author’s note: Marty Fischer, the host of TNT Outdoor Explosion on the Pursuit Channel, a professional wingshooter, a National Sporting Clays Association Level III shooting instructor, and a longtime Mossy Oak Pro Staff member, has designed more than 150 sporting clay facilities. I once wrote an article titled, “The Outdoor Social Crowd,” because dove hunting tends to be an outdoor social event, as much as it is a hunting event. Normally, you could lead a duck pretty far with pieces of bread, but I don't think I'd want to go anywhere near it, if it's using a 12 gauge shotgun and is only 20 yards away! These are my own admittedly arbitrary values, but that is my experience. Also, the faster the bird flies, the more you have to lead the bird. A regulation American Trap house is 27 yards from the back of the field, so no shots are taken at under about 40 yards. In baseball, when your strike the ball, and the ball is coming to you, you want your head to be still until the bat makes contact with the ball. Try 4 to 8 inch gap. In the post-rut, I don’t stop using rut calls. Position yourself in your location shortly before daybreak (7:40 A.M.) If you’ve chosen the right place and the right time but no doves appear, it’s time to fold your tent. “If you hunt lands that require non-lead loads, Prairie Storm® Steel performs similar to a 2 3/4-inch No. Sometimes hunting before dusk is better. If you think about the chasing, the fighting and the staying on their feet during both daylight and nighttime hours that bucks do, by the time a buck reaches the post-rut, he’s tired, beat-up and doesn’t want to fight. Now, Eric and the IV8888 team tackle what might the the hardest to quantify, the shotgun. The boxes of lead shells I bought every late summer even had pictures of doves on them, and were called things like “dove loads.” I learned that the national average ratio for how many shells fired to doves shot was six or maybe seven to one. For example: for #5 lead shot with a 3' velocity of 1150 fps the leads at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards are about 4.3, 7.1, 10.1, 13.7 and 17.6 feet, respectively. To ensure you add these delectable edibles to your next dinner menu, take matters into your own hands by including the following dove hunting tactics into your strategy. However, when a bird is crossing at 40 yards or longer, hold more lead than you think you need to. 30 yards a foot lead just out in front of them 40 yards a couple feet 50 yards 5 feet Depends on the type of shot you are using also. Finding a good place to dove hunt can be a challenge. But, if you can narrow your focus to only look at the head of the dove, then once you get your gun to your shoulder, start your swing with your bead on the head of the bird to help you get a better lead. 6 shot will consistently kill cleanly at 40 yards, but, for later season birds, and particularly for pheasant, no. But, if you can narrow your focus to just the head of the dove, then, once you get your gun to your shoulder, start your swing with your bead on the head you’ll get a better lead. Squeeze the trigger of your shotgun, and continue moving it forward. This style of leading a dove also is called the pass-through system of determining lead and works really well on flushing birds, like pheasants and quail, that are usually quartering away from you. Anonymous. For this reason, it Deer hunting, land management, fishing and more. Here are his tips for taking more doves. I usually start off each waterfowl season hunting in Alberta, Canada, in October. Years ago, my son Dan and I were looking for hidden desert water holes, hoping to find a place to ambush a Utah antelope. Most doves are shot anywhere between 20 and 40 yards, but don't test a gun at 40 yards if you take all your shots at half that distance. Thanks. Most misses are behind the bird. Even though that system may work on fairly-close targets, it won’t produce an effective lead on doves at a distance. I don’t rattle during the post-rut. How to Attract Doves to Your Yard. Here is the correct way to pattern a shotgun. For example, a given 20 gauge might have a superb pattern at 40 yards while shooting lead #5 shot through a full choke, but that same choke can perform poorly while shooting #1 steel shot at the same range. How do you teach them to figure-out the lead and to estimate range and distance to shoot accurately? Try to avoid taking shots beyond 40 to 45 yards. The front hand should push the gun forward and move the stock to the base of your cheekbone at the same time, causing the stock to fit directly on your shoulder. It was fully 60 yards away, a true crosser and still very fast. HOW FAR DO YOU LEAD A MALLARD AT 40 YARDS, CROSSING SHOT, HIGH-TAILING IT OUT OF THE COUNTY (PASS SHOOTING)? #8 will break targets as far out as the targets go; I like #7.5 for far handicap because the shot keeps going a Steel loads will tend to open up faster than lead loads due to the lower pellet density (this depends on shot hardness, velocity, payload weight, buffer and wad design). Doves have finished feeding and watering by this time and will be ready to roost. Or at least practice those longer shots to learn how far you need to lead a moving object in order to hit it.

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