A central accumulation area at an eligible academic entity that chooses to operate under 40 CFR part 262 subpart K is also subject to § 262.211 when accumulating unwanted material and/or hazardous waste. Rod (A. Smith) 22:42, 4 June 2008 (UTC), I would like to take some time to hammer out some guidelines to apply to phrasal verbs with a view to creating a reasonably streamlined decision making process for those recurring borderline cases where it can be difficult to decide if the entry really is a phrasal verb, or is SoP. This definition does not include land-based production units. Etymology is not a heading for Wikisaurus. What matters most to us in terms of attracting new users is ease of getting what they are looking for the first time they hit the site, the first time they come back after an initial disappointment, etc. DCDuring TALK 01:05, 25 June 2008 (UTC), Why Vietnamese words need attention of Japanese folks? Hazardous secondary material means a secondary material (e.g., spent material, by-product, or sludge) that, when discarded, would be identified as hazardous waste under part 261 of this chapter. All of the macrolides, and semi-synthetic macrolide derivatives, that are formed from the 14- and 15-membered rings contain the suffix -thromycin in the drug name. (ii) A person engaged in the off-site transportation of universal waste by air, rail, highway, or water, including a universal waste transfer facility. Hazardous secondary material generator means any person whose act or process produces hazardous secondary materials at the generating facility. User of the electronic manifest system means a hazardous waste generator, a hazardous waste transporter, an owner or operator of a hazardous waste treatment, storage, recycling, or disposal facility, or any other person that: (1) Is required to use a manifest to comply with: (i) Any federal or state requirement to track the shipment, transportation, and receipt of hazardous waste or other waste material that is shipped from the site of generation to an off-site designated facility for treatment, storage, recycling, or disposal; or, (ii) Any federal or state requirement to track the shipment, transportation, and receipt of rejected wastes or regulated container residues that are shipped from a designated facility to an alternative facility, or returned to the generator; and, (2) Elects to use the system to obtain, complete and transmit an electronic manifest format supplied by the EPA electronic manifest system, or. should be done in this way, not this way, that is, not inside the definition. DCDuring TALK 19:20, 10 June 2008 (UTC), Per the apparent consensus of #Language specific help templates, I have added an additional function to {{rfscript}}. section 6901 et seq. I would like to propose the following. If people have done this before me I don't want to know. This term does not include return flows from irrigated agriculture. Here are some examples... As with other definitions, I think that all those forms should start with uppercase, and ending with a dot. Trust me, im a computer programmer by heart. The template merely adds complexity for the bots who format pages and sort category links to the bottom of the appropriate language section (where they belong). Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Any reasonable delay in the completion of an explosives or munitions emergency response caused by a necessary, unforeseen, or uncontrollable circumstance will not terminate the explosives or munitions emergency. Thanks in advance for your input. An explosives or munitions emergency response may include in-place render-safe procedures, treatment or destruction of the explosives or munitions and/or transporting those items to another location to be rendered safe, treated, or destroyed. Let's take a look at a couple of the worksheets from this section. I think there are Vietnamese members here, for example, me. Pile means any non-containerized accumulation of solid, nonflowing hazardous waste that is used for treatment or storage and that is not a containment building. There can be one or two particles, but never three. CarsracBot 19:08, 18 June 2008 (UTC). I would expect that well laid-out pages can't hurt in recruiting them, especially casual contributors and those with special-context knowledge, as opposed to linguists. (3) Notwithstanding paragraph (2) of this definition, a remediation waste management site is not a facility that is subject to 40 CFR 264.101, but is subject to corrective action requirements if the site is located within such a facility. This is the kind of thing that can be done by a bot or "enhanced" human editing once we've worked out how to do it. Underground tank means a device meeting the definition of “tank” in § 260.10 whose entire surface area is totally below the surface of and covered by the ground. Thanks. I naturally hoped that I could find their meaning with one click from the screen on which they arose. We do know that "MILF" has been the most common search term to find us, more common than "Wiktionary". A container alone does not constitute a unit; the unit includes containers and the land or pad upon which they are placed. Explosives or munitions emergency response specialists include Department of Defense (DOD) emergency explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), technical escort unit (TEU), and DOD-certified civilian or contractor personnel; and other Federal, State, or local government, or civilian personnel similarly trained in explosives or munitions emergency responses. Daniel. “Context labels” serve several diverse functions—indicating grammatical aspect, qualifying register, dating, or usage, indicating geographic or topical context, or specifying regional language. Nbarth (email) (talk) 00:52, 8 June 2008 (UTC). Tank means a stationary device, designed to contain an accumulation of hazardous waste which is constructed primarily of non-earthen materials (e.g., wood, concrete, steel, plastic) which provide structural support. Pseudo-synonyms are included in a separate part of synonyms. Person means an individual, trust, firm, joint stock company, Federal Agency, corporation (including a government corporation), partnership, association, State, municipality, commission, political subdivision of a State, or any interstate body. An individual generation site, such as a large manufacturing plant, may have one or more sources of hazardous waste but is considered a single or individual generation site if the site or property is contiguous. Humor me. Point source means any discernible, confined, and discrete conveyance, including, but not limited to any pipe, ditch, channel, tunnel, conduit, well, discrete fissure, container, rolling stock, concentrated animal feeding operation, or vessel or other floating craft, from which pollutants are or may be discharged. The template now takes a {{{lang}}} parameter, with the input being the ISO code of the language, similar to many existing templates. I will refrain from doing anything with word lists. Dike means an embankment or ridge of either natural or man-made materials used to prevent the movement of liquids, sludges, solids, or other materials. And for this purpose, it would be useful to add something like
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