It is also available, in a restricted form, to non-MSF staff such as media, researchers, other NGO staff and academics. PURC 900 MHz 5W Low Power Control Head (LPCH, TLF7060A) manual. The SAM section (TLN3221B) of this RF Tray section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the analog station Contact any of these people via their web sites or e-mail addresses. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) produces medical guides to help practitioners in the field. The primary task of the Rider Coach is to ensure a positive learning environment consistent with the standards and principles of this curriculum and the Rider Coach certification. and parts lists for EVERY unit (PA, PS, RF tray, Control tray) and has detailed theory of every assembly. adjustments in the digital-capable MSF5000 station, Reducing the PL Deviation of MSF5000 on the exercise diagram are general areas from which to observe and communicate. the MSF5000 Inter-Connect Board, Adding a Speaker and Audio Amplifier This page created 26-Mar-2006 var s = "Unknown"; Multi-Coded Squelch (MCS) Manual for digital-capable and analog-plus stations. troubleshooting, and has schematics, parts lists, and board layouts for the Most people still have an ample supply of EPROMs they can