IMAT 2020: Information for Candidates. You must bring the following documents/items with you on the day of the test: Both of the confirmation emails that you received during the registration and payment process. The official release of the Ministry has included only the date of the IMAT 2020 exam itself. IMAT 2020 Result Comparison: “High and Low” ... and this may alarm those who probably estimate “the preparatory efforts” to successfully take the IMAT, by assuming “General Knowledge” may work “for me” on the day of the exam. Sed porttitor lectus nibh. 2020-21 enrollments deadline is the 23th of July 2020 (h. 15.00 italian time). Planning is well underway for IMAT 2020, ASM’s re-imagined Annual Meeting. For A.Y. The test is automatically marked according to the exam marking scheme. Proin eget tortor risus. The official IMAT 2020 test date was set to 10.09.2020 (September 10, 2020). All test centres running IMAT 2020 will be displayed on the registration portal on Tuesday 7 … News & Announcments. What do I need to bring with me on the day of the test? To gain access to the "Test" you'll need to take a minute to create a free account for yourself on this site. Available seats for Non-EU applicants in IMAT 2020; Available seats for EU applicants in IMAT 2020 [Guide] La Sapienza University [Guide] The University of Bari [Guide] The University of Rome Tor Vergata [Guide] The University of Turin When will the registration for IMAT 2020 open? IMAT 2020. A set of 8 full-length interactive Practice Tests, in the final IMAT 2019 exam format [General Knowledge: 12 q, Logical Reasoning: 10 q, Biology 18 q, Chemistry 12 q, Maths & Physics 8 q]. From the 1st of July, 2020: Online enrollment for IMAT on Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed If you have registered for IMAT and are not able to attend the test due to travel restrictions or visa issues, you have the option to cancel the test and get a full or partial refund up until 9 September 2020.. For more information, please read our Support Site article.. IMAT Covid-19: Guidance for candidates 2020 IMAT 2020: only preliminary version (answers are rearranged so that correct answer is always A): PDF. ADMISSION EXAM & Visa. FREE IMAT 2020 TEST >> Test your result in the 2020 IMAT exam and calculate your score. The official IMAT 2020 date The official IMAT 2020 test date was set to 10.09.2020 (September 10, 2020). imat gk & logical reasoning imat biology imat chemistry imat physics imat math imat practice tests humat sample test medtec school sample test PAST PAPERS HUMAT Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec velit neque, auctor sit amet aliquam vel, ullamcorper sit amet ligula. IMAT 2020 test centers The list of countries and cities where the IMAT takes place is decided each year in consultation with the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). The Ministry of Education in Italy has officially released the IMAT 2020 dates for admission to medical schools in Italy, teaching in the English language. It is not open the whole year. Important information about IMAT 2020. IMAT 2019: Click here to download IMAT 2019 exam in pdf (answer key PDF) IMAT 2018: Click here to download IMAT 2018 exam in pdf (answer key PDF) IMAT 2017: Click here to download IMAT 2017 exam in pdf (answer key PDF) Please note that you cannot enroll in the IMAT until the enrollment is officially announced. Minimum IMAT Exam Scores (2020) Minimum IMAT Exam Scores (2019) A-Form Guide; Important Guides. TAKING THE TEST.